Ramadhan 1431: Day 2

So today wasn't as easy as yesterday - for one, I had to work and for another, I had slight gastric pains. I guess my body isn't used to 2-meal days (sungkai & sahur). Aniki, Rozi & Dyanna came over to sungkai at our house this evening. Baby D.'s sooo kawaii, even if she does wet my clothes every so often, hehe. ;p I'm getting better at changing her diapers, a great feat for me! XD

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
dr.rin.83 | artist.mangaka


Ramadhan 1431: Day 1

It wasn't so bad, actually. I wasn't craving much for food and even after breaking my fast, I didn't binge at all, syukuralhamdulilah! I don't know, I've always found Ramadhan a good way to start a new leaf, I feel more focussed though not always calm, hehe. ;p Let's hope it lasts...

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
dr.rin.84 | artist.mangaka


Selamat Berpuasa 2010!!!

It's that time of the year again, so Happy Fasting to all Muslims for the month of Ramadhan! May we remain focussed and calm, despite abstaining from the usual necessities, insyallah.

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
dr.rin | artist.mangaka