Totally SUPER AWESOME change! XD

Haha, I've picked up some new vocabulary from the last group of UK Bruneian students who visited us in Berlin - they just left last night! Good riddance! Haha, just kidding! You know I miss you guys! Anyway, I've been meaning to do something different with my hair and boy, was it something DIFFERENT! XD A perm - I had sworn off them because of a nightmare perm I got when I was 9-10 years old! But to be honest, I love the perm I got yesterday! I took these photos after waking up this morning, so still in my PJs, haha! Sorry! Since I have to wait 24 hours before I can style the hair properly (or I risk ruining my new curls), the front hairstyle isn't my ideal at the mo but it's ok! I still love the curls! Finding the right way to style it is a matter of trial and error, should be fun, hehe! Don't know what you all think of the hairstyle but using a quote from Alikuchen a.k.a. Alicake (Rabz, this nick of his totally kills me, haha! Kasian Si Ali but oh well!), I think it's "SUPER AWESOME"! XD Will blog more later! Tschuss!