Illustration: Anime610

While in Brunei a few weeks back, Rozi introduced me to her niece, Fifah (a.k.a. Anime610), a talented girl who's very into manga. I admire her determination in drawing manga, especially at such a young age. I'm 30 now, and have yet to start one, I've just been doing illustrations! Anyway, Fif, keep up the great work! And I don't mean to be cliched, but "practice makes perfect"! ;D

Anyway, I was teaching Fifah how to use Photoshop for cleaning and colouring her illustrations. She asked me to CG colour her October 2008 drawing. Now, I've only done two CG coloured drawings and that was 5-6 years ago! So I was a little worried about my first attempt after so long. But you know what, Fifah loved it, and that really boosted my confidence. I know I've a long way to go, but it's a good start. :D

Photos: Bukit Shahbandar

So I had a great time in Brunei last November, only two things pissed me off; I got a cold yet again and I still lacked a mode of transportation!!! Hung out a lot with Aniki and Rozi as well as some of my close friends from STPRI and Ireland. Thanks so much for bringing me around, you guys - it was tres fun - even the night of the flood! ;D Anyway, as usual, I ended up not using my camera much in Brunei, sooo lazy! Thank god Meela brought hers to the outing in Bukit Shahbandar - like with many places in Brunei, I have not been there for at least 10 years! My usual haunts when back in Brunei are Gadong, Kiulap and Batu Bersurat, haha! Ah so, pictures, pictures...

12 years old and below
Yes, it seems that we're maturing backwards, even need a sign
to remind us! June, Meela, what are we to do???

Eto... how hard can this maze be?!
Haha, sorry, we unavoidably cheated our way through it. ;D

Beautiful Bukit
Wahhh, pretty place, so many people - last time I was in Bukit
Shahbandar, it was usually empty! Times changed! :P

Bridge to Terabithia
I tell you, that's the only suspension bridge I'll ever walk on!

Back in the maze
Our 12-year-old hearts couldn't resist, haha! We decided to end the trip
with a little pose from "The three wise monkeys"...

[TAKE 1]

"Aren't we cute?"

[TAKE 2]

"Look at Meel, can't even take a decent photo?!"
(Haha, just kidding, just kidding! ;D)

[TAKE 3]

"The one who said 'third's a charm' doesn't know
what the hell he's talking about!"

[TAKE 4]

(What? No way! It's wrong? "Speak no evil" should be
the third person?! Dammit!)


"Hear no evil! See no evil! Speak no evil!"
(It's a miracle! We did a horizontal flip on the comp!)

Music: Bizarre Love Triangle

One of my all-time favourite songs - "Bizarre Love Triangle" was performed by New Order (a totally awesome band) in 1986. Unfortunately, it never got into the UK Top 40 when it was released, but it was still a classic, and over the years since, many bands performed cover versions of this song! I'm posting my top favourite 3 covers! Hope you'll like them! :D

(dance original by New Order - UK band)

(acoustic cover by Frente! - Australian band)

(electronic cover by South - UK band)

(alternative cover by Manitu - Brazilian band)

Music: Koi?

Haha, not the fish! It's a Japanese word used to describe "romantic love". Anyway, these two videos are actually from Disney's Hercules, where Meg sings "I won't say I'm in love" (hence, the title for this post!). I don't watch Disney much these days, more into anime, but this song is actually one of my favourites (got to love the chorus)! I'm posting it up because I found a Japanese version of the song! I think it's totally cool, since I'm really anime-crazy! So enjoy! ;D

(English version)

(Japanese version)

Photos: Trinity College Commencements!!!

On November 16, Debbie, Denis and I attended the Commencements to receive our Ph.D.s (i.e. we all became Drs!!!). I don't know about Debbie and Denis, but I was actually very stressed, but then, I'm a worrier, haha! Anyway, the day went fine, other than the fact that I was suffering from a gum infection (which started the night before!) - just my luck! Neurofen was definitely my best friend that day! Anyway, happy days - it's finally over! So here are several photos from the occasion:

Arrival at the Trinity Lodge
This is a centrally located guesthouse, just off Nassau Street next to
Trinity College Dublin. It was totally convenient, lovely staff, lovely place!

Morning of the Commencements
Breakfast in George's Bistro, the restaurant associated with the
guesthouse. Very nice indeed, but wasn't enough to calm my nerves!

Preparation for the Commencements
Ack! I'm freaking out, my room's a mess but at least I'm ready!

Just before the Commencements
We took lots of photos outside the Dining Hall on campus. The Ph.D.
gown is rather eye-catching, but I love it, hehe! Don't Debbie and I
look totally fine, haha! ;D

(Aww, the lovely couple, hehe!)

During the Commencements
That's me on stage, receiving my degree with three other Ph.D. graduates.
This is in the Exam Hall of Trinity College Dublin. Such ceremony, I really like
it but it must be boring for the guests, especially since it's all in Latin!!! O.o

After the Commencements
Nope, we don't get rolled-up degrees! But that's fine. The reception was
held in the Atrium on campus. There's me with Dr Denis McCarthy
(I can call him Dr now since we've graduated, haha!) and Siobhan!

Dinner at George's Bistro
I would have liked to invite ALL my close friends, but unfortunately
I couldn't, sorry!!! So in the end, only those I've known since 2nd year
undergrad came along, since most of them are mutual friends of mine
and my brother's.

Celebration with friends in John M. Keating
The place used to be a church, but now, it's a cafe, bar and restaurant!
I love the place! I'm so happy many of my crazy but ever-so-lovable
close friends were able to make it! ;D Unfortunately, I didn't get
everyone on photo! :( But thanks for helping me celebrate, everyone!!!

Photo of the night
This is starring Dr Denis McCarthy!!! Classic! ;D