Photos: Bukit Shahbandar

So I had a great time in Brunei last November, only two things pissed me off; I got a cold yet again and I still lacked a mode of transportation!!! Hung out a lot with Aniki and Rozi as well as some of my close friends from STPRI and Ireland. Thanks so much for bringing me around, you guys - it was tres fun - even the night of the flood! ;D Anyway, as usual, I ended up not using my camera much in Brunei, sooo lazy! Thank god Meela brought hers to the outing in Bukit Shahbandar - like with many places in Brunei, I have not been there for at least 10 years! My usual haunts when back in Brunei are Gadong, Kiulap and Batu Bersurat, haha! Ah so, pictures, pictures...

12 years old and below
Yes, it seems that we're maturing backwards, even need a sign
to remind us! June, Meela, what are we to do???

Eto... how hard can this maze be?!
Haha, sorry, we unavoidably cheated our way through it. ;D

Beautiful Bukit
Wahhh, pretty place, so many people - last time I was in Bukit
Shahbandar, it was usually empty! Times changed! :P

Bridge to Terabithia
I tell you, that's the only suspension bridge I'll ever walk on!

Back in the maze
Our 12-year-old hearts couldn't resist, haha! We decided to end the trip
with a little pose from "The three wise monkeys"...

[TAKE 1]

"Aren't we cute?"

[TAKE 2]

"Look at Meel, can't even take a decent photo?!"
(Haha, just kidding, just kidding! ;D)

[TAKE 3]

"The one who said 'third's a charm' doesn't know
what the hell he's talking about!"

[TAKE 4]

(What? No way! It's wrong? "Speak no evil" should be
the third person?! Dammit!)


"Hear no evil! See no evil! Speak no evil!"
(It's a miracle! We did a horizontal flip on the comp!)

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