Photos: Aniki & Rozi in Berlin!

Haha, I'm finally posting the photos from my bro's and Rozi's visit to Berlin last November! See, I procrastinate! Gomen ne! ;P Anyway, I brought them to the usual places, but since Rozi's an artist, she wanted to see art galleries - we went to three; the New National Gallery, the Daimler Contemporary Art Collection and the Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien (where my friend Sylwia had an "art piece" exhibited as part of her course). I didn't mind, since I do enjoy good art! One place I've never been to was the Mercedes-Benz Showroom! I was actually not very keen to see the place, but I have to admit, it is an amazing place, so huge and the cars are superb! The cafe there is pretty good too, hehe. Anyway, I had a brilliant time, was so happy my brother and Rozi could visit us in Berlin! :D

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