How do they come up with these things?!

I had some brats... I mean, guests (haha!) staying over at our apartment in Berlin a few days back - a few cousins and their friends (will blog about them another day). Anyway, when not sightseeing or eating, they were constantly on the interweb (hmmm, sounds familiar, hehe) and some of the things that passed over the screen were rather comedic and interesting, mainly stuff on youtube. One of the things that caught my interest was a comedy act called the "Back Dorm Boys" set up by two Chinese guys, where they lip-sync to various songs. The first parody was done just for fun, but since so many youtube viewers liked it a lot, they kept making more, and now the duo have a 5-year contract with some Chinese talent agency! Talk about making it big! Anyway, here are some of their videos , in order of my most favourite:

"Peking Opera"

"Radio In My Head" (Motorola ad)

"A Public Affair"

"Bu De Bu Ai" ("Can't Help To Love")

The last video is rather disturbing, in a way, haha. But I like the song! Anyway, enjoy! ;D

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