I tell a lie...

Why? Because I'm still blogging but I couldn't resist. My dad brought home the April 2007 issue of Diplomatische Magazin (which is a German diplomatic magazine) and guess what, there's a page dedicated to Brunei's 23rd National Day Celebration in Berlin! What's more, there is a photo of my mom and I with my godchild, Erika! I was so surprised when I found out! Haha, my goddaughter is now famous... in the German diplomatic world, anyway! ;D So I leave you with the page from the magazine (sorry if the quality of the scan isn't great).


Day two...

Hmmm, so far so good, thesis corrections are being processed, slow but still good. I got an e-mail from my supervisor and he gave me the go-ahead to fly over to Dublin next week. Is that a good sign? Who knows, but it's a great incentive to get things done quickly and submit my thesis! So I don't think I'll be blogging much in the next week or so!

Ja ne! :D


A brand new day...

...with a brand new look, hehe. Just felt like a change and it's also the first day of the week when I shall be doing the rest of my thesis corrections! Yayyy! Now, this does not mean for definite that I'll be submitting the week after, but who's to say that it can't happen, insyallah! The end is nigh, the end is nigh! :D Anyway, will keep you up to date with how it's going! Wish me luck because I'll need it! Tschuss! x


Tomodachi no ryokou!

Right, need a break from the thesis so I'm just posting photos from my friends' visit to Berlin! I think they had a good time, really needed a break from work, I guess. :) So first off, here's a group photo (left to right: Julien, Doireann, Rebecca, me, Jen) in front of the Reichstag, the building where the German parliament (Bundestag) assemble. I do like the German flag (in the background)!
Next is a photo of an antique traffic light, it's now just for show, located in Potsdamer Platz (area where I live). In the old days, with no computerisation, people had to stand in the booth above the clocks and manually change the lights. Kind of cool, huh. ;)
The double line of cobble stones (in the photo below) actually marks where the Berlin Wall used to be so you can see it all around Berlin - it's a work in progress!
The following three photos are from the night out, my friends wanted to see what the night life in Berlin was like. I think they enjoyed it. The photos are in order of START, MIDDLE and END of the night, hehe! No glasses for me then, thank god for contacts! Hair was done up by Doireann, the red-haired girl in the first photo. She's a 2nd year postgrad in my research group.
Here we have Rebecca and Jen posing with me, both are also postgrads in the group. Rebecca's in 2nd year, while Jen's in 1st year!
Finally, a photo of me and La Mechante Guenon (a.k.a. Julien) at the end of the night. Julien is a postdoctoral researcher in our lab. Why the nickname? Haha, better to ask him. Its retaliation for calling me La Chinoise! Everyone in the lab calls me that now. Rebecca even has that as my nickname on her mobile! Argh! O_O On their last day in Berlin, we went and did more sightseeing. However, we couldn't resist the lure of the adult-size see-saws which were located in the green next to my apartment block!
Look, even Julien had to pry Jen off the see-saw! Haha, she's such a kid! But then again, we were all playing on the see-saws! [blush]
Now, some familiar photos, since I've photos of when Christinah and Co. were over last February. Look, there's even proof of me vandalising a historic site, the East Side Gallery!
Here we are at the Marx-Engels Forum.
This last photo is priceless! Haha, I didn't notice it till this very trip. The building is a church (Berliner Dom). That day was a Sunday (i.e. mass) and what do I see? The most inappropriate sign (see magnification in the photo!)!!! The word is "Lustgarten" - "garten" is pronounced "garden" so the sign actually says "LUSTGARDEN"!!! What the heck? Haha! We all thought it was funny. Not sure if it's German humour or something really innocent.
So that's it! Photos from my friends' visit in the last weekend in March. :) So back to my thesis I go! Tschuss!

What the Easter Bunny brought me this year...

Why, an Easter egg, of course! And not an ordinary Easter egg - a Hotel Chocolat egg! Yum!

I also got a chocolate sheep from the Easter Bunny's mum! Although, I felt really bad about eating it (but I did eat it!) since I had to break the head off. It's so wrong!!! O_O And kids are given these kinds of animal-shaped chocolate! How barbarious! (I'm such a hypocrite, haha!)


Hey! Haven't posted anything in almost a month! I'm still pretty busy but not as much as before! I've written all my chapters weeks ago and I'm now just working on the corrections from my supervisors. It's a slow process especially since I'm in Berlin and they're in Dublin. But the end is nigh, thank god!

Anyway, wanted to show off my new laptop, my beloved Sony Vaio! The latest of the FE series! Its OS is Windows Vista! I know it still has bugs but I like it so far! Problematic with some software but I manage to overcome it! I love this laptop so much, I even want to give it a name! Haha! But which name? I'm big into japanese names, but can't decide on one. Any suggestions? ;) I'll decide on one once I've submitted my thesis!

Here's a photo of my workspace (I need a bigger desk!) at which my new laptop inhabits:

Hmmm, need to do something about the wiring. Unfortunately, I'm not big on wireless, except when it comes to the internet connection, haha! ;P Love the connection speed over here! And once I'm "free", I'll work on my new website! Don't worry, will still keep this blog! :)