Hey! Haven't posted anything in almost a month! I'm still pretty busy but not as much as before! I've written all my chapters weeks ago and I'm now just working on the corrections from my supervisors. It's a slow process especially since I'm in Berlin and they're in Dublin. But the end is nigh, thank god!

Anyway, wanted to show off my new laptop, my beloved Sony Vaio! The latest of the FE series! Its OS is Windows Vista! I know it still has bugs but I like it so far! Problematic with some software but I manage to overcome it! I love this laptop so much, I even want to give it a name! Haha! But which name? I'm big into japanese names, but can't decide on one. Any suggestions? ;) I'll decide on one once I've submitted my thesis!

Here's a photo of my workspace (I need a bigger desk!) at which my new laptop inhabits:

Hmmm, need to do something about the wiring. Unfortunately, I'm not big on wireless, except when it comes to the internet connection, haha! ;P Love the connection speed over here! And once I'm "free", I'll work on my new website! Don't worry, will still keep this blog! :)

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