Photos: Stella's & Dermot's Wedding!

Last week on 15 March, two of my close friends, Stella & Dermot, finally tied the knot, and if I haven't said it enough, CONGRATULATIONS again, you two! Hope you both are enjoying the sun in the Carribean, heh! Thanks again, Stella, for asking me to be one of your bridesmaids, I hope I didn't do a bad job on the day, hehe. XD

Anyway, here are some photos from the day, courtesy of me, Gemma (the chief bridesmaid) and Gary (the unofficial photographer!):

Bride & Bridesmaid
Full-length view of our dresses! Actually, this is one of the few photos
which show the bridesmaids' dresses full-length! Anyway, this photo was taken
in Stella's parents' home in Powerstown.

After the ceremony
Left to right (at the altar of Powerstown Church):
Geoff (groomsman), Dave (best man), Dermot (the groom!!!),
Stella (the bride!!!), Gemma (chief bridesmaid), me (bridesmaid).

At dinner
The dinner and reception were held in the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel.
Everyone agreed that the hotel handled the event very well, we were
all happy! XD The two photos before are of Stella's uncle Father Nicholas
(he performed the wedding ceremony), Stella's mum Jean, Dermot's mum
Eithne and Stella's dad Eddie, respectively. There's me and Gemma in the
next photo and then, finally, the special decoration on the desserts given to
the lovely married couple!

The cutting of the wedding cake
The cake was baked by Stella's mum, though the three tiers were iced
by someone else (not sure who!).

The first dance... and then...
Ah, the lovely couple's first dance, a waltz no less! Of course,
sometime near the end of the night, their metalhead personalities
started to appear! Rock! XD

Random photos
Just some photos taken throughout the night!

The morning after...
Photos taken in the lounge in the hotel.

So all in all, the whole wedding affair went fantastically, though most people felt so tired the next morning as it was a late night. ;D Anyway, I love weddings!

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