"Breathe is Life, Life is Yoga."

That's the tagline for OMPlace Studio, my favourite yoga studio!!! XD It's been too long since I did yoga - bad, bad Lin! Anyway, I decided that I've been doing too many long hours at work, leaving no room for me to pursue my other interests, yoga being one of them! :( So now, it's time to prioritise "me time"! So tonight's class was my official first day back at yoga, let's hope I can keep this up. I'm hoping that since I'll be on leave soon, it'll be easier for me to focus on "me time", hehe! Anyway, today's class was a bit tough for me, I haven't been doing any proper exercise for several months now, but I did the best I could, it was a good class. I can still do a headstand, a bit wobbly but at least, I managed! XD

Also, since I'm on the subject of yoga, let me just wish my yoga teacher, William and his lovely new wife, Jacky many CONGRATULATIONS on their wedding last Sunday! It was my first Chinese wedding, I enjoyed it tremendously! Thank you for inviting me!

Okay, time to say good night! Will try to update this blog more regularly, promise! ;)

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
dr.rin | artist.mangaka

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