Two Hills are better than one... ;p

Damn, I am still bloody sick, coughing like crazy! It's terribly annoying especially during meetings, I have to step out every time I feel a coughing fit coming about! :( [sigh] Even so, I will not be discouraged, I'm resting lots this weekend, hope that will help. And fortunately, this week, Skip Beat chapter 155 is out, woo hoo! Below is this issue's cover page with Cain and Setsuka Hill (a.k.a. Ren and Kyoko), the killer brother and punky little sister! Why they act so close, I'm guessing it's because the role play is such that they're non-blood related siblings... maybe... Anyway, whatever it is, the pairing is tres hot, haha! XD Can't wait for the next installment on 20 April!!!

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
dr.rin | artist.mangaka

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