My first entry!

Well, I gave in - will now start to post stuff on my blog. I'll see how it goes, not sure if this is my kind of thing. I prefer webdesign and the blog gives me a bit of that (although don't know much about CSS yet but I'm a quick learner!) since my website is currently is on hiatus. This blog at least won't take too much time out of work, which suits me at present! :)

Anyway, let's see, what to talk about. Well, I've recently moved to Berlin-Tiergarten after living in good ol' Dublin for almost 10 years! It's a bit strange living in a new country, didn't feel like this when I moved from Brunei to England, and then Ireland for my studies. I guess it's because of the language barrier. I don't know much German yet, so it's tricky to communicate - do I start immediately speaking English to the Germans or attempt to communicate in German? Which is preferred? Who knows! Anyway, I have decided to take lessons in the language in the new year! Can't wait! I love learning languages, although I'm a bit pissed off that my French and Japanese, and even my mother tongue (Malay) are so rusty. Will have to fix that, but one thing at a time, hehe.

Oh yeah, here's a map of Germany - it's actually for me that I put it up. I was chatting to one of my dearest friends (who happens to be German) about Germany before I moved and the topic of where different cities were in the country came up. My knowledge in that field is rather embarrassingly lacking, hence the map, hehe! Anyway, my friend's mum owns a chocolate shop in Aachen! Lucky! Who wouldn't love to have a mother like that! Will have to visit the place one day.

Anyway, that's it for my first entry. Not very exciting, I know but who cares. Hmmm, it seems like I might just keep this up. It's quite relaxing! ;D Auf wiedersehen!

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Padian said...

i think your first entry is nicer than my own first blog... Mine was more mundane... and come to think about it... LAME ;)

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