Ureshii desu!!!

That's nihongo (japanese) for "I'm happy", hehe! Anyway, just wanted to write a quick blog about the recent good news I have! One of my closest friends, who happens to be my current housemate in Dublin, has just gotten engaged! Yayyy! I actually found out last Sunday but could only say it now, since I had to wait till she told the people she wanted to tell in person. God, it was such hardwork keeping it a secret but I did managed, hehe. ;D And guess what, she has asked me to be one of her 2 bridesmaids! It was one of her Christmas presents for me! I'm really honoured and happy to have been asked, as it's something really special. I won't let you down, mon amie! :)

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Padian said...

wow... ain't that exciting and such an honour ;) *hugs* you'll be great :) just don't forget to post pictures... CLOSE UP... and so... when is this?

Congratulations to the flatemate :)

little.lin said...

Danke! :) The couple hasn't made up their minds about whether to have this coming August or the year after. Will keep you up to date!