On a break...

Haha, sounds more like something one would say about one's romantic relationship when it's on the rocks! ;P But alas, no... I literally mean that I'm on a break, a few moments' respite from almost working non-stop! So I decided to update my blog. Last I checked, it's just over a month since my last post. I really should have at least one for the month of January, and since I missed the usual blog on New Year's resolutions, here they are (and not in any prioritised order!):

01) Get a REAL job (haha!) - academia just doesn't count! ;D
02) Get fit and eat healthily.
03) Brush up on at least one of my known languages (i.e. Malay (dear god!), Japanese and French).
04) Read more books (no academic texts this time!).
05) Draw more.
06) Learn CSS (html is obsolete, NOT!).
07) Keep up with current affairs AND history!
08) Keep in touch more regularly with family and friends.
09) Get the "Dr" into my name!
10) Travel more (that includes visiting the friends I haven't seen in so very long!).
11) Take up at least one sport (e.g. go to the gym, badminton, fencing, archery, swimming, running, squash).
12) Act more my age (Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!).
13) Learn to sew.
14) Cook and bake more.
15) Establish a good work routine (basically, no procrastinating!).
16) Learn German

I don't know, I have a feeling I might not have time to achieve most of these things before the end of 2007, but it's good to dream. Hmmm, wonder if it has anything to do with turning the big three-O this July! Ack! :( Anyway, what I might do is put a little section of the side bar stating any resolution that was achieved this year.

Okay, it's almost at the end of my break. I shall wish you all adieu till next time. ;D I'm actually feeling great at the moment (despite everything!), hope it'll be a good year for me and others! :)

Oh, yeah, just a quick update - Stella and Dermot are getting married on the 15th of March 2008! Enough time for me to get fit, hehe! ;P

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