Occasion: Sai's "Lucky" Day!

Right, it's my dearest friend Sai's birthday today (heh, actually her birthday can be celebrated on either the 7th or 8th of August, but I decided to post this on the 8th due to the lucky number 8 - so it's the 08.08.08!) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAI!!! [big hug] Hope you have lots of good times today! Btw, this is the only digital photo I have of you - "stole" it off your college website somewhere, haha! ;p I'll catch you on MSN soon! Things are finally settling down, so will hopefully have more time to spare!

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."


Anonymous said...

hey lin, thanks for the birthday wishes! and if you wanted more recent photos of me, you can find them on facebook :p take care xoxo

dr.rin said...

ack, you're right! I was so busy and whatnot that I simply didn't think of it! ;p ah well! XD