Weekly Goals: Week 34 [2008]

Whoa, it's been a while since I posted my weekly goals - been up to my ears with lots of stuff since the parents got back, mainly to do with the house. Anyway, without further ado, here are my goals for the following week:

  • Monday: Yoga class (FZ)
  • Tuesday: Yoga class (VDA)
  • Thursday: Yoga class (FZ)
  • Friday: Yoga class (VDA)
  • Saturday: Yoga class (VDA) [X]
  • Blog: clean up posting backlog [X]
  • E-mail: write replies to friends' e-mails
  • Art: finish fanarts for Aesthetic Tribute for Dec 2007 [X], Mar/Apr 2008 [X] & Aug 2008 [X]
  • Website: update ari-rin.com [X]; update deviantART site [X]
  • Volunteer work: Special Olympics [X]
  • Social activities: lunch with Ka Sur; breakfast with Liza; lunch with Rozi
  • Domestic chores: organise bedroom [X]; iron clothes [X]; send blankets & car seat cover to be laundered
  • Shopping list: medication; "Dragonaut" anime series (DVD)
  • Tuition: help Nurul with A-Level chemistry (Paper 5); help Zati with schoolwork [X]
  • Anime list: Nodame Cantabile (episodes 9-23) [X]; TRC Tokyo Revelations (complete) [X]; Neo Angelique Abyss (complete)
"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."

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