My first BB appearance!

And it was by chance, haha! I was attending a two-day seminar commemorating World Town Planning Day 2008 in the International Convention Centre. I met Meel's aunt (though she calls her Kak Lin) there during the opening ceremony. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been viewing the model of Brunei's Land Use Master Plan, at which point we were unknowingly being photographed by James Kon (I got that name from Borneo Bulletin!). Anyway, I got a bit of a surprise today when Irra texted me to say my face was plastered on page 3 of today's paper! Thank god I looked respectable! I was fortunately advised by Irra and June to wear a certain article of clothing (hehe, you can guess what it was!) when attending the seminar! Thanks, guys! XD Anyway, you can view the article here. As for the seminar itself, it was rather interesting (which was a nice surprise!) and I've gained a good deal of knowledge regarding the topic of town and country planning. I think it would be useful in my current line of work, hehe.

Actually, it wasn't just me from SLA who got the limelight in today's paper. My new collegue, Cynthia, can also be seen in a group photo, related to a workshop being held the same day by the Young Entrepreneur Association Brunei (YEAB). She was meant to attend the seminar at ICC with me, but she was already committed to attending the YEAB workshop (wouldn't have minded going to that either!). Anyway, the article can be viewed here, if anyone is interested.

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eoinchan said...

I always knew there was an inner page three girl there somewhere ;)