Photos: Anime Festival Asia 2008

If you didn't know, I was in Singapore with my two cousins (Pinah and Nurul) over the weekend, flew over Saturday morning and back Sunday night, and if you don't think that's enough time to do much, think again - it is possible to do anything if you plan ahead and don't dawdle! Singapore is small with an extremely efficient transport system! I did 95% of the shopping I planned (which was actually a lot!) as well as attend the anime convention that was on in Suntec City!

Anyway, below are some photos taken at the anime convention (AFA '8) - it's been a while since I went to one. This one wasn't as big as the ones in UK but it was good fun! I have to say, cosplayers in Singapore can really pull it off. XD The coolest one of the lot is a Mobile Suit Gundam cosplayer - hats off to the guy! He even got on our local paper, the Borneo Bulletin! I didn't buy anything at the convention, though there was something that is on my wishlist - a Wacom Cintiq tablet! My god, the smallest one (A4 size, I think) cost almost $2000! I think it'll be quite a loooong while before I even dream of getting this one. Thank goodness I already have a tablet! One other plus at the convention was that I got to take a photo with a huge poster of my favourite manga/anime series, Skip Beat! I want that poster for my room!!!

All in all, it was a good break last weekend! Thank god for Sat+Sun weekends (as oppose to Fri+Sun ones, hehe!).

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