Weekly Goals: Week 52 [2008]

It's technically the last week of the year since the New Year will fall middle of next week! I'm aiming for at least 85% achievement of weekly goals this week, so wish me luck! Danke! XD

  • Tuesday: Yoga (VDA) [X]
  • Thursday: Gyming (FZ) [X]
  • Sunday: Walk (Stadium or Bukit Shahbandar) or Gyming (FZ) [X]
  • Art: draw Christmas artwork
  • Website: update ari-rin.com [X]; update deviantART site
  • Social activities: lunch with June & Siti (Tues); lunch with Liza & Helen (Wed); lunch with my family, Pinah, Nurul & their parents (Thurs); art session & dinner with Fifah (Fri); attend BDAM '08 with Zati (Sat); BBQ @ Nynna's; nieces' sleepover at my place (Sat-Mon)
  • Domestic chores: organise room; pick up dry cleaning (Wed)
  • Banking: withdraw cash from HSBC (Sat); go to BIBD (Sat)
  • Shopping: SC voucher (Sat); "Daughter of Twenty Faces" anime (Fri)
  • Cinema: Yes Man (Sun)
  • Anime list: TRC Tokyo Revelations (complete) [X]; Skip Beat! (episode 12)
"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
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