My first National Disaster experience!

And insyallah, it'll be the last - Amin! Anyway, here are some photos taken by Aniki outside our house on the night of the "Great Flood". My god, we had mild floods before but never this bad, it looked like a river was passing through our house!

At our driveway - Dad's the guy with the red and white umbrella!
The water got halfway into our garage!
Our "simpang" (the following two photos) - The poor neighbours! :( We were lucky!
Dad raised our land by several feet before building the house.
Our "backyard" - you can see our neighbour's house.
If it wasn't for the wall, I think his house would have been badly flooded.
The staircase at the back of our house - the water level reached the third step!!!
So that's what happened Tuesday-Wednesday last week! The result: major power cuts (we had no power for 3 days!!!), no water supply (fortunately, this only occurred three times, and the third lasted half a day!), landslides, traffic problems (due to traffic lights being down, destroyed roads, flooding in our major road tunnel, etc.) and the worst thing, two people drowned! :( So what happened? Why weren't we prepared? I hope this incident brought awareness with regards to the major changes that need to be done to Brunei's infrastructure and whatnot! Swift action, if you please!

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
dr.rin | artist.mangaka


Padian said...

Didn't know it was that bad! I was happily in my 'bubble' of road floods everywhere on my way home/work!!! How did you drive in that situation???? Baik kereta inda rosak???

dr.rin said...

Well, the water subsided several hours after the photos were taken. Our cars were fortunately ok since we're on higher ground but I think some of my neighbours' cars rosak. Oh yeah, another thing that happened, there's a deep hold in the middle of the entrance of our simpang! I'm worried that it might get bigger and the whole thing would collapse! :(

Elena said...

wow....that's SOME flood....
Glad to read it didn't affect you or your home much! btw..happy birthday2your dad! got a kinda of reminder on my work e-mail last week! dunno where it came from. Hi2the whole family. Talk soon! XXX