Weekly Goals: Week 06 [2009]

Here are my goals for this week:

  • Thursday: Yoga (OM)
  • Saturday: Yoga (OM)
  • Sunday: Yoga (OM) or Gyming (FZ) [X]
  • Social activities: Lunch with June (Mon); William's studio opening (Mon); lunch with Olivia & Irra (Tues); family dinner (Tues); lunch with Olivia & Irra (Thurs); doa selamat for Nynna (Thurs); dinner with Pinah, Nurul & Nynna (Fri); Rizal's bersanding ceremony (Sun); dinner with June (Sun)
  • Domestic chores: organise room [X]; pick up drycleaning; send clothes for drycleaning; tidy car [X]
  • Cinema: Underworld 3 (Sat) [X]
  • Anime list: TRC Tokyo Revelations (complete); Puppet Master Sakon (complete) [X]; Skip Beat (episode 17)
"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
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