A post a month?

Just as I was just starting to get back into the ol' blogging mood, WORK happened! It's been non-stop with assignments, meetings, events, etc. And at the end of October, I'll be "block-travelling" for a few weeks - working trip, annual leave holidays and again, working trip!

Anyway, fortunately, I managed to get a breather from the work scene, but only for a few hours. Will be working again once this post is published. So am I stressed? Yes, I am! But it's a good sort of stress... but ask me again in a week or so, haha! ;p

Oh, yeah, Fifah celebrated her birthday last Tuesday - OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU, PIP! Hope you had a brilliant time!

Right, have to get back to grindstone! I will definitely try my best to post more from now on! xxx

p.s. All Skip Beat! fans, this happened in chapter 145! Oh my god! Nooooo!

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
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