Greetings from Oz!

Haha... well, I'm definitely not in Kansas! ;) Finally taking some leave and decided to spend it visiting my cousin in Melbourne. But guess what, I'm still working on my holidays!!! My friend was right, I shouldn't plan my holidays too much in advance, especially when one has such a busy work schedule.. but what can I do? It's the only way to get good prices on flights! :( Anyway, since it turned out this way, I had to compromise - day time for holidaying and night time for working. Now it's well after 3 am, I should rest but still have work to do... luckily tomorrow is an easy day, not like this morning, where we had to catch a bus at 7.35 a.m. for the Great Ocean Road Tour. It was great, very scenic, saw The Twelve Apostles (though there are only 8 now, haha!) both on land and by helicopter (not included in the tour package!), Lock Ard Gorge, etc. Oh yeah, I saw kangaroos and ONE curled up koala on a tree (they're hard to see, very well camourflaged!), it was sooo kawaii! Hmmm, okay, I think I'd better go... I'm supposed to be working! Later! xxx

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
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Mystic said...

Lin, take lots of photo!!