The latest chapter of Skip Beat! is tres cool... well, that's just my guess from "reading" the raws, haha! I can't read Japanese very well, unfortunately. Anyway, a sneak preview:

A punky new character called "Setsu"... or is it? ;p Hehe, look out for the scanlations, SB! fans! My god, is her lip piercing really attached to her earring?! O.o

On a more "real life" note, it's totally busy as usual - SPARK site visits galore this week, even tomorrow, help! What happened to my weekend??? I've actually got homework - can I claim for in lieu, I wonder... [sigh]

Anyway, time for bed, early start tomorrow. Will update again soon, and maybe this time with a new piece of artwork? Hehe... Stay tuned! XD Night for now! Zzzzzzzz...

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
dr.rin | artist.mangaka


Princess Gizmo said...

I'm loving it! ;) keep it up!! Btw can you draw an anime version of real people? Hehehe maybe I'm asking you a stupid question... Pardon me.. *blush*

dr.rin said...

Yayyy, a SB! fan! Btw, it's not a stupid question at all. I used to try drawing anime versions of real people but they always turn out different. :( And now that I don't have much time to draw, I think trying to attempt it would be near impossible, haha. I need more practice... [sigh] I'll let you know when I get better at it, hehe. ;D