The worst is over... I think...

I think I'm finally getting over this bout of sickness... though I had to visit the doctor TWICE! Once was last Saturday just before my trip to Singapore and the second was yesterday when I was due back at work. I was in no fit state to even drive so my parents drove me to see the doctor. She had to give me a med cert for this week to recuperate. The rest was much needed because now I'm feeling much better, yayyy! She prescribed me stronger meds compared to the previous ones, which I think did the trick as well. Sigh, this is the second time this year that I've been sick and it's only February!!!

Anyway, being sick is totally boring and irritating, I am not the world's best patient, always whinging and grumbling. ;p So now that I'm feeling somewhat better but still on sick leave, I decided to do a drawing on the ol' tablet, to depict my woes of being sick as hell! As you can see below, the medicine I was given was YUC-KY! But of course, I had to keep taking it... ewww! And yes, my hair is as tousled and I'm always in my jammies - how to go out, I'm sick! :( Anyway, insyallah, I'll be better by next week and back to work for me! Wish me luck! xxx

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."
dr.rin | artist.mangaka

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