Emotionally refreshed!

I'm feeling rather good at the moment! :D Met up with old friends and made new ones (I hope, hehe!). I just wish I would be able to do this more often, though. Maybe in the near future, ne? ;) Anyway, this is not much of a blog, rather vague (but my friends know why that is, hehe!). Plus, I am extremely tired at the moment. [yawn] Nemui desu! Nemui desu! So much so that I'm going to skip putting up a new anime.character.of.the.blog. Gomen ne!!!

Anyway, just felt like sharing this happy moment with everyone. However, when I'm more awake, I will blog about the ideal customer service and rude, ignorant people! God, how I really despise the latter!!! >:(

So oyasuminasai or guten nacht for now! Ja mata ne! [zzzzzzzzzzzzz]

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