The Ideal Customer Service?

Do you think this should be based on the principle that "the customer is always right"? Well, I don't it should strictly be the case. I mean, the important thing about good customer service is to be polite and calm, in my opinion. Sorry, it's just that recently something happened where the staff of a certain establishment was so rude, it's amazing that they even managed to get away with it! I won't go into details about what happened, but come on, is it so difficult to be civil??? Argh! If you can't be polite, you shouldn't really be in customer service! Even if the customer is being difficult and rude, the best thing is to be calm and civil, which would help diffuse the tension. But if you fight back, it'll just end up in a complete war, and you might end up losing your job!!! Anyway, my mom and I were not even being that difficult at the time, though I knew what we were asking of them would require a little bit more effort and patience on their part, but we were always gracious and kept apologising for the trouble. But nooo, they had to have their bitchy attitudes and kept frowning and almost blatantly ignored us! Grrrrr! I had to control my temper, but honestly, if this happens again and with the same people, I will not remain civil! I will most definitely give them a piece of my mind!!! God, I can't stand rude people!!! They're lucky I didn't lose my temper. It is not a pretty sight!

Anyway, that's my rant for the day, hehe! Hopefully, the next blog will be more pleasant! :P

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