Warning!!! Warning!!!

Hehe, just a quick warning message to let you know that the next several blog posts will contain mainly photos - yep, I'm doing a "Meela"! :P Haha, only joking, Meel dear! Anyway, to briefly summarise the contents of the photos, last week, friends of mine (Christinah, Andy, Erika, Justina and Nazim) came over to Berlin for a visit as well as to celebrate Brunei's National Day with us (21.2.07 - 25.2.07). Of course, that meant a bit of sightseeing was required AND I finally managed to get off my lazy "posterior" to go around Berlin (after living there for over 3 months now!). Therefore, photos will be from all the sightseeing as well as the reception for the National Day celebration. Enjoy!!! :)

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