The Gelato Experience

I scream, you scream, everybody wants ICE CREAM!!! ;D In Berlin, our apartment is so close to the Arkaden Shopping Centre that you can actually SMELL the gelato (Italian ice cream) served by the famous Italian ice cream parlour it houses! Yummy! :9 Here you can the see the variety of flavours you can get - my current favourite is pistazien (i.e. pistachio), but if you're allergic to nuts, stay well clear and just get vanilla (my other favourite!)!

Here are some classical types of ice cream servings you can order... ... but then, since it's an Italian establishment, you can also order pizza and spagetti made from ice cream, fruits, chocolate, etc. The spagetti actually looks like it has real pasta, haha! Man, it makes me want to immediately jump on a plane back to Berlin just to have my pistazien ice cream! :(

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