Brunei's 23rd National Day Celebration in Berlin (23.2.07)

This is the first national day celebrated by my parents and I in Berlin. The venue was very snazzy, I have to say - the Ritz Carlton, no less! The food was quite well done, and all the Bruneian diplomats' wives made at least one kind of Bruneian dessert - let's see, kuih bom, bingka susu and pandan, kuih lapis, etc.
They are not that many Bruneians living in Berlin itself, the others are in other German cities far from Berlin such as Mannheim, Bonn, etc. Unfortunately, only one was able to attend the celebration - Meela's cousin, Long-Long, who's studying in Bonn (Oi, Long, kenapa inda pakai baju melayu???). The other Bruneians who attended were my friends from Ireland. My goddaughter, Erika, was a bit of handful, in a good way, but she was a hit for everyone who attended. Cuteness always wins, haha!

And finally, some photos taken at the end of the evening. Overall, it was an enjoyable evening. Hopefully, next year, the other Bruneian students will be able to make it to the event. After all, when one is far from home, it's always nice to get together every so often. :) Anyway, even if this is belated:


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