Sightseeing in Berlin (Part IV) - Park Sanssouci

On the last day of my friends' visit, we decided to head out to Park Sanssouci. This is actually located in Potsdam, which is the capital of the state of Brandenburg, but since it's not too far from Berlin, why not take the opportunity to visit it, right. Anyway, Photo 1 was taken in the van we were travelling in, with Junaidi who was kind enough to drive us there! Hmmm, he should really be looking at the road! :P
Sansoucci was originally the summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. Photo 2 shows the south facing garden facade, while Photo 3 is of the central bow of the garden facade, which is decorated with carved figures of Atlas and Caryatids.

If you take the route right of the garden facade, you'll come across a stream shown in Photo 4. You can see the so-called Chinese House in the distance. Photo 5 is a close-up of this building.
Photo 6 is just a bit of messing around. Justina's idea. So which shadow is mine, hehe? ;)

Photo 7 is one taken with almost everyone who went on the trip, people missing from the photo are Adek (Auntie Zaiton's son) who's taking the photo, and Junaidi and Danny, who drove us to Park Sansoucci. (Left to right: Justina, Maresa, Auntie Zaiton, Liana, my mum, Erika (in buggy), Christinah, my dad, Long-Long, me, Andy)

So there you have it, the last photo for this series. For those thinking of coming over to visit Berlin (hinting at Liza, Siti, June and Meela!), hope these photos give you something to look forward to!!! :)

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