My first day at school...

Hehe, yesterday was my first day at Inlingua, the language school where I'm enrolled in to learn to speak Deutsch (German). I think I'm meant to study my whole life, I have just left one educational institution to join another one, haha. I do enjoy learning new languages, didn't think I would like Deutsch but I have to say, it's grown on me. ;D

The first lesson was just to learn how to introduce yourself, a bit of vocab and grammar, the usual stuff, you know. I am in a class of just over 1o people, which is fine for socialising but I find that the class a bit slow for my liking at the moment. I've had a few months to get to used to the language so I'm picking up the basics pretty quickly - wish it would go faster. :( Ah, I'm sooo impatient! I'm sure it'll get harder later and then, I'll be glad for its slow pace. As for the people in my class, there are, like, 2 south koreans, 1 thai, 1 russian, 1 belarusian (from Belarus or Weissrussland, so am I right to call her that?), 1 polish, 2 italians and 1 chilian.

So let me introduce myself (using my pen name) in Deutsch:

Hallo, ich bin Rin Ari.
Mein nachname ist Ari, und mein vorname ist Rin.
Sehr efreut.
Ich komme aus Brunei.
Translation into English:

Hello, I am Rin Ari.
My surname is Ari, and my forename is Rin.
How do you do. (or something like that!)
I come from Brunei.
Later! (or something like that, haha!)

Haha, I did learn more than that during the class. After all, it was 3 hours long and this will be every weekday for 5 weeks. The teacher is really nice, talks to you mainly in Deutsch to get you used to listening to it.

Oh no, just realised - I have hausaufgabe!!! Homework, and I haven't done it! It's like 1.30 am now! Hmmm, better remember to do it tomorrow morning before class, haha! Does that sound familiar? ;P

Anyway, gute nacht! Bis morgen... maybe! ;D


eoin said...

great blog, Lin-chan. I am toying with the idea of some form of web-based system of keeping people informed of my life in the German-speaking world of Switzerland!

oh and yes. a very grim look on my face on your submission night, but oh well, I can't help my flashophobia! :D

miss.rin (a.k.a. little.lin) said...

Danke, eoin-chan! I think you should think about getting one, I found that I kept in touch with my friends in Brunei more this way! :)