What have I been up to since the "submission"...

Haha, the word "submission" sounds so utterly inappropriate! ;D Anyway, it actually took me a week to settle down after such an adrenaline-filled period - was only really lazing about, not doing much. And here I thought I'd be rushing straight into one of my hobbies, but no such luck. My body said enough is enough! :( Time to rest...

I've finally been able to start being more active, was in Dublin over the bank holiday weekend. That was great, hired a car and went around visiting friends, etc. I really miss driving, I'm one of those weird people who actually enjoys it, haha. Actually, it was my first time driving a diesel car, it was so weird, never realised diesel takes a bit more time to get started. :\

I'm on the interweb a lot these days, chatting to friends on gmail and msn messenger, posting on a manga forum (see other links), trying to join a scanlation group (Etc~), working on my website (joined a server group and got a domain name, http://haslin.net) as well as the research group website (see other links), and finally, watching Heroes online (up to episode 21 at the moment) plus some anime (currently Romeo x Juliet). Having a bit of registry issues with my Windows Vista, but it's okay, I'm overcoming these problems, perseverance is the key, after all. Actually, I decided to give in and install Mozilla Firefox as my default web browser. It can be a bit slow but it works better, I have to admit.

Other things I plan to do include taking German lessons (I'm being enrolled into Inlingua), read my Harry Potter books again (since the final book will be out in July!!!), start drawing (not inspired yet!), play my Sims 2 games (have already installed them onto my laptop!) and finally, study for my viva (this has priority!!!).

Well, that's all for now! Will keep you up to date! :) Ja ne!

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