Taking a step back towards adolescence...

Okay, last week I started school, today I got braces on my lower back teeth! Hence, the title for today's blog, haha! Seriously, I feel like a teenager, though I am heading towards the big 3-0! O_O Anyway, had to get these braces for health reasons, honest! I can tell you, they're not the easiest things to install, I felt like a specimen on an examination table! The whole procedure of getting the mould for making the bloody things, burning away excess gum with a laser (ewww!) and finally fitting them onto my teeth (two dental sessions) came to about 5 dental appointments over a period of almost two months!!! And what's more, it hurt!!! I know it's only meant to be a numbing sensation, but it damn well hurt like mad! I can tell you, I don't cry that often, but this time, I sobbed the moment I got home! So thankful to my mum and dad for coming up with a few remedies to ease the pain! I can't wait to get these bloody things off at the end of the year! For now, I am officially a metal mouth! (No offence intended to other braces-wearing people!)

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