"Creativity is a drug I cannot live without." (Cecil B. DeMille)

Being an artist at heart, it gives me immense hope when I come across the countless creative minds hailing from my homeland.Anyway, I was browsing the blogs of a number of artistic people I've met, one of them belonging to Meela's cousin, Wina (Silly Gooseness). I found a "quotes menu" put together by people involved with "Core Values", including my brother, Haslann and his girlfriend, Rozi.So I decided to post on my blog as well. I've never joined "Core Values" but my brother sings praises about it constantly, hehe. From the results I've seen, I think it's a pretty good course, but I think one must also want to change oneself for the course to be 100% effective!

Anyway, enough advertising, here is the "quotes menu":

Haha, yeah, one of my brother's quotes is there!Do you get what it means? I think I do, but I wouldn't mind your suggestions. And to be honest, when it comes to quotes, sometimes there is more than one way to interpret them! I wouldn't mind getting some feedback for my bro, either! Thanks very much, all!

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