"Ask Dr Rin!"

Haha, that's the title of a shoujo manga I've read about a girl named Kanzaki Meilin who possesses fengshui powers which she uses to help others through fortune telling under the name of Dr Rin. The Japanese title is "Dr Rin ni Kiitemite!".

Anyway, I decided to rename my blog as "dr.rin" for a while, since Rin is my name when written in Japanese and as of Monday (June 18, 2007), I now have Dr as my title, haha!I'm really happy, because for a year or so, I was starting to lose hope that I'd ever get through it! All I can say after Monday is Syukur Alhamdulilah!!! And many thanks to everyone, especially my family and friends, who supported me and kept me sane throughout the torturous postgraduate years!!!

So that's it for my first post after taking a break to study for my Ph.D. viva. I have some photos from the Monday going-ons that I want to put up but I'll do that another time since I have to get cracking at my corrections (Uh-huh, I have them, but then, it's the usual thing! Though I wished I didn't have to do them, haha!). Tschus!

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