Leaving my 20s... (+ Aesthetic Tribute: June 2007)

My god, that sounds so final! Well, today I just turned 30 years old, but to be honest, I don't feel any different. I thought I might have felt depressed or something, but no, I didn't feel anything of significance. It just felt like any other day, thank god! However, I have decided to use this day as a starting point to work more seriously at achieving the rest of my 2007 resolutions. It's rather a long list and I'm only 30% there and half the year is already gone!!!

Oh yeah, one other thing, I just finished my first drawing after a long hiatus (approx. two years!). It's for a forum-based monthly fanart exhibition. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to spend on this drawing since the deadline was June 30, and what with the viva and Liza's visit, I only had hours to get it finished. I have to admit, I'm really rusty!!!So gommen ("sorry" in Japanese) if the drawing destroys your eyes, haha!Every month, three manga characters (and two themes) are given to use as subjects for our fanart. I chose Rukia and Ichigo (you'd probably remember them from the anime I was telling you about before!) as my subjects and the theme I chose was "Manga Garden" in honour of the forum. The basic idea is that the two people got summer work at Manga Garden, picking manga flowers which have blossomed. Of course, Rukia is from an aristocratic family and so has a different idea of "work", haha. She's not really like that in the anime, even though she is an aristocrat. Anyway, the title of this art piece is "Summer Work At Manga Garden" - original, huh? Haha!

Well, hope you all like it. I have to go now! Tomorrow I start my German classes again! Tschus!

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