Photos: Viva celebration!

Okay, here are the photos taken after I did my viva. Sorry for the delay in posting them! Anyway, the first three photos were from the reception prepared the research group to celebrate my finishing the viva. It's a tradition! Don't worry, I was drinking de-alcoholised champagne (a gift from my friend, Michael!) while others were enjoying the usual bubbly. The first photo is of me with my two supervisors, Prof. Thorri Gunnlaugsson and Dr Paul Kruger (guy with the glasses!), and the external examiner from Southampton University (Prof. Phil Gale, he's wearing the tie!), an expert on my work (i.e. anion-sensing). The following two photos are of most of the people working in the research group - they're a brilliant crowd!!!

The following photos were from the Bank Cafe on Dame Street. Most of us headed there after the reception and then my friends who weren't from the group met us there! It was a good night!!! Only wished my family and my other dear friends could have made it too. Hopefully, we can celebrate when I go back to Brunei for holidays!

The last two photos are of me with my Spanish friends, Elenita and Alberto. Elenita always laughs whenever Alberto and I bicker - it's an act... ummm, I hope, haha! Anyway, they couldn't make it on the day so we met a few days' later for coffee.

Finally, just wanted to thank everyone who helped me celebrate the occasion on the very day as well as the following days! Danke!!!

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