A short edited Asian note.

And that stands for... ASEAN, haha! Yeah, I'm back in the lands of the Association of South-East Asian Nations! Just arrived in Singapore today and will be staying for two days before heading back to Brunei! I have to admit, the trip has been quite eventful so far - the three B/C seats given to my parents and I on the flight from Frankfurt to Singapore had malfunctioning entertainment systems (Dad was so bored!), the wire for my braces came apart (lucky there was a good dental clinic near the Hyatt! If you need emergency dental treatment whilst in Singapore, go to the 13th floor of the Paragon Medical Centre on Orchard Road, haha!), had a nose bleed (thank god I was at the hotel room by then!), my mobile phone (both German and Irish) has no reception, pulled a muscle near my right hip joint... hmmm, I think that's it! Fortunately, things started to be better after that, went shopping (how am I going to bring the stuff back!!!), ate lots of Asian food, plenty of cuci mata (oriental guys are sooo bishie!)! Anyway, just wanted to give a little update! I've a back log of posts (sorry!!!), including:
  • Liza's visit to Germany
  • Lunch visit from my inLingua classmates and teachers
  • The Sultan's Birthday celebration in Berlin
  • Karl's and Siobhan's wedding
Well, have to go! I'm using my dad's computer at the mo, so he wants it back soon! Bis bald!

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