Photos: Liza's visit to Berlin!

Right, finally got round to posting that back log of photos that I mentioned in my previous blog. Anyway, after my viva in June, Liza (who's like a sister to me!) decided to come visit me and my parents in Berlin. So we did the usual sightseeing of the city as well as areas in Potsdam and Hamburg. I'm just going to post some photos from her visit, again there may be a few (more like the majority!!!) which you've seen in my previous posts - sorry! However, for the Sans Souci photos, the significant difference is the fact that it's now greener because of the warmer weather, the grapes have sprouted from the vines. It was already beautiful in winter but in summer, it's amazing!!! Liza and I also managed to catch a horse show called "Cavalia" - got free tickets, haha! Anyway, the other photos were taken in the Pergamon Museum, the East Side Gallery (Si Jun perasan ianya COOL - see photo, haha!) and the Marx-Engels Forum.

Finally, the last photo was actually on my current favourite photo for a while. I think they're so retro, despite them being priceless ancient jewellery showcased in the Pergamon Museum, haha!

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