Photos: HM's 61st birthday celebration (Berlin)

Okay, this is for Long-Long! Entschuldigung for the delay in posting these photos! The celebration was held in the Maritim Hotel (Berlin) this year on July 17. To be honest, I actually liked this venue more than I did the Ritz Hotel (where the National Day celebration was held), haha! It's the first time the Bruneian embassy held a reception in this hotel, I do believe they did pretty well in the end. The first photo is of the Bruneian diplomats with their spouses. There was a good turnout at this reception, again more people than during the National Day celebration. Everyone enjoyed the cuisine and hopefully, the company, haha. My classmates and teachers from inLingua were also invited, as well as two college friends of mine from Trinity College Dublin. They just moved to Berlin in May since one of them got a job in Potsdam University as a postdoc. They're in the left photo on the second last row, Siobhan and Denis - lovely people! Anyway, some of these photos were taken with my camera but one of my classmates, Katerina, happens to be professional photographer, so she took a good number of really nice photos! Thanks again so much, Katerina!

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