Photos: Das Mittagessen!

Haha, that's means lunch in German. I promised my classmates and teachers in inLingua lunch (cooked by my mum, of course - her cooking is exquisite!) at my home if I managed to pass my Ph.D. viva (syukur alhamdulilah, I did!). In the first photo, standing from left to right are Bekir, Alex, Firyuza, Patricia, Katja (teacher), Nebahat, Claudia (teacher), Auntie Zaitun (one of the diplomats' wife), Katerina, Vladimir, me and my mum, and sitting from left to right are Alex (Katerina's husband), Wojtek, Wisanapat and Teranun. A few people were also away that day. Anyway, I think everyone really enjoyed the food (Vielen Dank, mum!).

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