Trip on the River Spree!

Okay, first of all, I think this will be my last post before I immerse myself in the preparation for my viva on June 18 (less than 10 days and counting!!!). Will probably post again with the outcome of this exam!

Anyway, today is also my last day at inLingua, will take up Deutsch lessons again beginning of July. Fortunately, I was able to spend a really enjoyable afternoon with people from my class as well as a few from other classes in inLingua. The school organised a tour of Berlin via a boat along the Spree River. The weather was really sunny and hot, a brilliant summer's day! Took lots of photos, mainly of my new friends, haha.I have too many photos of Berlin!

Here is a photo of the starting point (at Burgstrasse, near Museum Island) of the boat tour:

The following three photos are ones taken on the boat. The first is of Nehabat (she's a new Turkish student in our class, who only started this week), Bekir (also Turkish) and Wisanapat (from Thailand) - all three of them were wearing shades, the cool crowd, haha!

Here is me with Katerina (a Greek photographer) and Wojtek (a Polish artist). We were having a long serious chat about life in Germany, especially Berlin. I said I really liked living in Berlin, but I know my views are a little unrealistic, since I'm a bit "pampered" due to the diplomatic connections. I am constantly sheltered from the rougher aspects of Berlin. However, I think it's not too bad, because I am aware of these aspects, so I don't think my views are that unrealistic, haha!

This is Patricia, a risk prevention expert from Chile. She was enjoying the ice cream sold on the boat. I really wanted one, but I had to resist. I've been eating too much sweet things lately.

After the boat tour, the people from my class and one student from another class (she's actually sitting behind Patricia also eating an ice cream in the above photo - her name is Firyuza from Russia) decided to sit on the grass beside the Spree and have some drinks.

Here's Bekir trying to arrange Patricia's camera in order to get an automatic photo of the group. I think the photo looks really cool!

A candid photo of Patricia doing "camera Tai Chi", haha!

A group photo of "die Frauen". That's Olga (the girl from Belarus), who has her fingers above Patricia's head!

Okay, those were some of the photos I took today. It was great fun, so glad I decided to go! I really like the people in my class! I'm going to miss them the three weeks I'm away from school!

Well, it's time for me to sign off! I will be back in 10 days, I hope with good news! Tschus!!!

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