I am not perfect?!

Haha, did it sound like I thought I was? ;D Not at all! Hehe, I was just a little surprised at what the "Seven Deadly Sins" Quiz (which Meela introduced to me via her blog) spitted back at me! My worst sin is ENVY (though I agree with the Sloth and Gluttony results!)?! And this was just because I want a car like my friend's (a Mini) and that I don't like too much PDA! Ah well, as June said, can't take these things seriously, hehe. It's fun - try it! ;D






Lust:Very Low


The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on 4degreez.com


Padian said...

hahahaha.. at you don't have a Very HIgh score for SLOTH ;) :P i can't say its not right because it is....

though i am suprised that my "wrath" score is quite high... I thought i have that under control... though when i lose it.. i can be quite explosive... i suppose that is what it meant... i can lose it in a jiffy if its all so nonsense!! ;) :P

dr.rin (a.k.a. little.lin) said...

hehe, true true. however I am a bit surprised that I didn't get a v. high score for sloth, since I'm dossing every day after classes! ;D But I guess I answered with respect to when I'm in a job or course. Holidays don't count, haha. ;D