Aesthetic Tribute: October 2007

Hey! Sorry for not blogging much till now, was in Dublin and Zurich the past two weeks (will blog about Zurich later!)! Anyway, here's my latest Aesthetic Tribute fanart, please enjoy and maybe comment! ;D Danke! Oh yeah, Happy Halloween! Sorry, it's a bit late, hehe!

Fanart title: "Release!"
Fanart characters: Light Yagami (Kira) (Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba) and Ichijo Mashiro (After School Nightmare by Mizushiro Setona)
Theme: "Can't imagine all the pain I feel..."
Media used: drawn with pencil; cleaned by CG
Comments: Some facts of these two characters to help understand the concept - Mashiro has a secret; from waist-up, he is male, while the lower part of her body is female - this is causing Mashiro a lot of emotional pain and doubts. Kira arrives to bring Mashiro "salvation" as he is owner of the "Death Note", a book able to bring death to the person whose name is written in it. Will Ichijo "fight" the inner turmoil or will s/he give into the pain and sought "Release!"?

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