First day of Hari Raya!

Okay, as promised, here are the photos from the first day of Syawal! It's all about stuffing oneself after a month of "starvation", haha! Just joking, but it's true there's a lot of food being served, hehe. ;D Anyway, Hari Raya in Berlin this year was really fun. Meela's cousin (long2) and his friend, Maarten (yeah, he's wearing the traditional baju melayu even though he's German!) came over for a few days to celebrate with us! Anyway, the day started off with the Bruneian guys going for sembahyang Hari Raya at the Malaysian embassy, then back to our apartment for the first meal of the day. At lunch time, we all went back to the Malaysian embassy for "open house" and at 3 pm, we had our "open house" as well. Ate lots and sang lots of karaoke! In the second last photo, you can see me, long2 and Maarten being the last ppl singing karaoke, I think it was past midnight, haha! Yes, Hari Raya was brilliant! One thing that would have made it even better was if my brother, Haslann, was there to celebrate it with us! We miss you, aniki!!!


Doireann said...

Hey Lin, email reply coming soon, but just wasted to say you were looking great in those pics. Pity you can't wear that dress to graduation! xxx

dr.rin (a.k.a. little.lin) said...

Yeah, it is a pity! :( Ah well, should really go look for my graduation outfit soon!