Music: "Nur ein Wort" & "Von hier an blind" (Wir sind Helden)

So it's the second day of Syawal - I'm being all relaxed and lazy, after a full day of celebrating yesterday. I have to say, I had a brilliant time and I hope everyone else did as well. Anyway, I won't go much into it at the moment, but I definitely will later when I post the Hari Raya photos! ;D However, right now, I just want to share with you something I thought was cool - Nazim (a.k.a. long-long) showed it to me the other day. It's the music video of "Nur ein Wort" (Only one word) by "Wir sind Helden" (We are heroes), the German alternative (or is it indie-pop?) band I had blogged about earlier on.

The first song I liked by this band is "Von hier an blind", which is also the name of the album. The music video is also really cool (it's animated!) and you can view it here. Maarten (long2's friend) told me that they sang this song in three other languages (English, French & Japanese). I've heard all of them but I think the Japanese one is the coolest of the lot (after I got used to it, that is, hehe!). You can download the real media file here, but you need RealPlayer. Anyway, enjoy! Let me know what you think of them! :D

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