Aesthetic Tribute: September 2007

Just finished my September fanart piece for the MG Forum. Enjoy! :D

Fanart title: "Please handle with care"
Fanart character: Narazaki Yuzuru (Penguin Revolution by Tsukuba Sakura)
Theme: "Blooming Heart"
Media used: drawn w/ pencil; cleaned by CG
Comments: Haha, it's a "Blooming Heart", just like in Facebook! ;) This one was planted by Narazaki-kun, and the way the flower is covering the part where his real heart is provides a metaphoric meaning - it's saying that his heart must be handled with great care. ;D Since there's no such plant in real life, I'm pleased it actually went well with the drawing. One thing I'm a tad disappointed with is the fact that my drawing style didn't come out as much this time, especially the face (it's more like Tsukuba-sensei's style!).

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