Music: Wir sind Helden

I actually came across this band while listening to the music albums found in the Singapore Airlines flight entertainment system on my way back to Brunei last July. The band is called "Wir sind Helden" ("We are Heroes", auf Englisch) and they are currently one of my favourite German bands - appropriate since "Heroes" is my most favourite TV show at the moment (I'll blog about it later, I think!), hehe. Below are the two albums I own, my favourite being the first one. You can listen to samples of all the songs from these albums here, and someone decided to translate the lyrics (not 100% correctly, but it's good enough). My playlist of this band would be (blue font indicates the songs I really, really like!):

Album: Von hier an blind
  • Von hier an blind (From here on blindly)
  • Nur ein Wort (Only one word)
  • Zuhälter (Pimp or Pimps) - hehe, I know, I know, but I love this song!
  • Bist du nicht müde (Aren't you tired)
  • Geht auseinander (Break up or Separate)
  • Ein Elefant für dich (An elephant for you)
Album: So und so
  • So und so (So and so or Like that and that)
  • Der Krieg kommt schneller zurück als du denkst (The war returns quicker than you think)
  • Labyrinth
  • Kaputt (Broken)
  • Lass uns verschwinden (Let us disappear)

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