Photos: More friends visiting Berlin!

Okay, this set of photos is long overdue as well. Early September, my Irish friends (Debbie, Hugh, Eoin, Aine and Andrew) came to Berlin for a visit. It was really great seeing them (I miss them and the others in Dublin!!!) and even though it was only a two-day visit, we managed to see a lot of places. Some of the places may seem familiar to you (I've posted other photos before!), but they are also new ones, such as the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Oranienburg, Kaiser-Wilhelm- Gedaechtniskirche (Emperor William Memorial Church, auf Englisch), Humboldt University, Neues Palais (New Palace, auf Englisch) in Sanssouci Park and Checkpoint Charlie. Sorry, I'm a bit tired so I just gave links if you want to know more about these places. The only thing I'll mention was how depressing and sad it felt when we visited the concentration camp. It's amazing how something like this ever existed! :( One of the photos shows the gate at the camp entrance, which has on it the words "Arbeit Macht Frei", meaning "Work Makes You Free" - did it really then?! I doubt it! Anyway, the visit left me with a lasting impression. Finally, thanks to Eoin for providing me with some of the photos!

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